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About us

Alevoo is a Spanish family business led by four sisters who share a passion for extra virgin olive oil and its health benefits. Being daughters and granddaughters of farmers, we have grown in the countryside, surrounded by nature and enjoying a healthy life in which olive trees, olives and extra virgin olive oil have been great protagonists. Therefore, following the family tradition and having inherited from our parents the most absolute respect for the countryside and good work, in Alevoo we master in Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Organic Cosmetics made of our organic extra virgin olive oil.

Our parents set the path for us and made us four strong, brave, entrepreneurial and responsible women while being committed to our society and the environment. We are a new generation maintaining the same values ​​of integrity, honesty, respect, effort and passion that they instilled into us and that are part of our DNA.

Hermanas Nieto

They always told us: “Whatever you do, do it well.” And so do we in Alevoo. There is nothing more rewarding than helping to improve the health, well-being and happiness of our society and in Alevoo we are proud to help people improve their daily habits of health, food and beauty through our organic products. Because of its composition, extra virgin olive oil is unquestionably healthy whether ingested or applied topically, so it is an honor and a privilege for us to contribute with our products to improving our consumers’ lives.

Alevoo is also our commitment to caring and respecting the environment. Our production center is located in Jaén (Andalusia – Spain), in a privileged environment next to the Cazorla Natural Park, with unique physical and biological characteristics. The extraordinary environment and the immensity of the sea of ​​ancestral olive trees in our region are our inspiration and motivation, for day to day and generation after generation, to work to protect and conserve the environment and diversity.

We are Alevoo. We are more than a brand, more than products. We are a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. The four sisters and the entire Alevoo team invite you to enjoy it.

Our Logo

We were always clear that our logo had to speak. Yes, yes, you read it correctly … to speak. Because just looking at it, it has to tell you what Alevoo is: the world map formed by an olive tree whose branches and leaves represent the different countries and highlighting Spain with an olive.

An olive tree that is a symbol of peace, of resistance and renewal, of prosperity, of light and of happiness and that, in addition, is pure generosity providing us with the olives from which we obtain the best juice to make our extra virgin olive oils and all our organic products.

In Alevoo we are proud to share from Spain to the rest of the world a healthy lifestyle based on the benefits of our extra virgin olive oil. Alevoo organic products, 100% made in Spain, are to help people around the world improve their health and well-being while caring for the environment.

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