Organic Facial Serum 30ml

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Cellular performance wrinkle repair organic facial serum with extra virgin olive oil and hyaluronic acid of different molecular weights. Extract of olive tree, mango and goji.

  • It penetrates in the deepest layers of the skin providing antioxidant and anti-aging effects
  • It hydrates and regenerates the skin, while providing moisturization, firmness, and minimizing and defending against wrinkles
  • It reduces skin dark spots
  • It improves skin texture becoming firmer, smoother and more luminous

How tu use: Apply on clean skin at any time of day, both morning and night. It is ideal to apply before any treatment, as the serum opens the pores of the skin and penetrates very deeply, nourishing the deepest layers with its large concentrate of assets and leaving the skin ready for the treatment to be more effective.


In stock

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