Face Serum? What it is, why to use it and how to use it

Face Serum? What it is, why to use it and how to use it

We hear about serum all the time, but do you really know what exactly a serum is, how to use it and the benefits it brings to your skin? Today we answer those questions and tell you much more about face serum. You will have no doubt about its use and we are sure you will include it in your daily routine of facial skincare making our ALEVOO organic serum your great beauty ally. Your skin will be firm and radiant all day long.

What is a facial serum?

The facial serum is a cosmetic whose formula is based on a very high concentration of active ingredients beneficial to the skin. Its texture is more fluid than the texture of creams. Additionally, a serum usually has fewer ingredients than a cream does but its active ingredients are more potent and concentrated, which allows us to obtain visible results from the first moment.

Why to use it? Which are its benefits?

We have already told you two of the main characteristics of a serum (very high concentration of active ingredients and light texture) and now take note of the benefits that ALEVOO organic serum provides to your skin. Thanks to its exclusive formula that combines organic extra virgin olive oil, hyaluronic acid of different molecular weights, olive extract, mango and goji, our facial serum easily penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin and regenerates, moisturizes and nourishes it from within. Its excellent formula makes our organic serum rich in vitamin E and powerful natural antioxidants, anti-free radicals and anti-aging while balancing melanin synthesis avoiding skin blemishes and imperfections. Apply it daily and your skin will get a more juicy and visibly bright appearance, gain elasticity and look smooth and young all day.

How to use it?

You already know what a serum is and the benefits of using in your daily skin care routine, but as important as that is to apply it properly. Keep reading to get it right!

ALEVOO organic serum deeply moisturizes, smooths and cleanses the skin providing it with an extraordinary luminosity from the moment of its application. It must be applied on totally clean and dry skin and always before the moisturizing day cream and the nourishing night cream. If you applied later, the cream would form a film on the skin and would prevent the serum from penetrating correctly and, therefore, its effectiveness would be reduced. The serum prepares the skin to receive any subsequent cream as it opens the pores of the skin, penetrating the deeper layers and increasing its effectiveness. Therefore, remember that it is necessary to first apply the serum on clean, dry skin and then to apply the moisturizer. Your skin will look more juicy and visibly hydrated.

Its ultralight texture facilitates its rapid absorption and, thanks to the high concentration of active ingredients, the serum repairs and deeply nourishes the skin leaving it revitalized, toned and luminous. Apply it with the fingertips and make circular movements from the inside of the face out extending its application to the neck and neckline. Gently press the skin until the serum has been completely absorbed. A small amount of our organic serum will be enough to cover the face, neck and neckline.

ALEVOO organic serum can be used on all skin types providing the hydration they need and, thanks to its ultralight texture, moisturizing the skin without saturating it. It is recommended to apply it once or twice a day (morning and night). It is not recommended to use it alone, or as a substitute for moisturizer, but as a perfect complement to your beauty treatments.

The serum is an important step in the facial skin care routine, but not the only one! Apply it once you had cleaned the skin with our artisan soap and dried it completely. Once you had applied the serum on face, neck and neckline, continue with the rest of the ALEVOO organic skincare range to complete its effectiveness. Maximize your skincare regimen and follow the proper order for a perfect skin: natural soap, serum, eye contour and day cream or night cream as appropriate. All our organic cosmetics, in addition to having a light texture that is easily absorbed, have a fresh and soft aroma, making their application and use a unique experience for the senses.

We hope this blog had helped you to better understand the concept of facial serum and the importance of its application in the beauty routine. From ALEVOO we invite you to use our organic serum daily and make it an essential in your beauty routine. You will care of your skin from inside out and will look bright and gorgeous all day. Get the skin of your dreams with ALEVOO organic cosmetics!

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